Funding Community Groups & RMHC Two Hours at a Time

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Funds Raised To Date

Through June 2021


What is a McTakeOver? 


McTakeOvers are fundraisers for school and local non-profit organizations. During each two-hour McTakeOver, one Wednesday each month, 6-8 volunteers help “work” at McDonald’s. Host groups promote the event and invite members and supporters to dine at McDonald’s during the event. It is difficult to provide an estimate of how much money groups make because it ranges from $250 to $1,200+ per McTakeOver. Promotion is the key to your McTakeOver success. There is no maximum of what groups can earn.


McTakeOver coupon books: A McDonald’s McTakeOver coupon book, filled with 10 “buy-one-get-one” coupons ($33+ value) can also be sold by schools/organizations to raise additional money. Coupons can be pre-sold and sold during the event. The book sells for $5.


Benefit to Organization: The group receives 40 percent (40%) of food and coupon book sales during the event.


Applying for a McTakeOver:  Submit an application using the button above.


General Rules:

  • Groups are eligible for one McTakeOver per calendar year.

  • McTakeOvers are held one Wednesday per month in participating restaurants, usually the second Wednesday of the month. McTakeOvers are not held in June, July and August. Additional blackouts may vary by restaurant.

  • An application does not guarantee your group a McTakeOver due to the high volume of requests received. Groups must reapply each year and a past McTakeOver does not guarantee you a McTakeOver every year.

  • McTakeOvers are for schools, school groups and non-profit [501(C)(3)] organizations. Priority will be given to schools and school groups.

  • Funds raised must remain local and/or benefit the local community.

  • Groups will be responsible for promoting their McTakeOver and must provide 6-8 volunteers.


Should you have further questions, please direct them to the following:

Northwestern McDonald’s McTakeOver Program

Attn: Michael Parker, Business Director

Phone: (888) 412-1247


Thank you for your interest in McTakeOvers!

2021/2022 McTakeOver Schedule

Legend: (C) Confirmed, (T) Tentative

2022/2023 McTakeOver Schedule

Legend: (C) Confirmed, (T) Tentative