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McTakeOvers are fundraisers for school and local non-profit organizations. During each two-hour McTakeOver, one Wednesday each month, 6-8 volunteers help “work” at McDonald’s. Host groups promote the event and invite members and supporters to dine at McDonald’s during the event. It is difficult to provide an estimate of how much money groups make because it ranges from $500 to $2,000+ per McTakeOver. Promotion is the key to your McTakeOver success. There is no maximum to what groups can earn.


Applying for a McTakeOver:  Submit an application using the button below.

Rules: Contact the McTakeOver Program for rules around this program.


Should you have further questions, please direct them to the following:

McTakeOver Program

Jenaye Creekmore, Office Manager

Phone: (360) 338-3960

Our Impact to the Community

Through May 2024

2024/2025 McTakeOver Schedule

Legend: (C) Confirmed, (T) Tentative

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